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Adirondack’s Return

Classic Harbor Line

Adirondack’s Return

Classic Harbor Line will welcome back Schooner Adirondack for her 17th season sailing in New York Harbor at the end of April. Her arrival will mark the kick-off to Classic Adirondack Schooner Sailing NY HarborHarbor Line’s sailing season and we couldn’t be more excited to get back on the water! Join us for the 2017 inaugural sail on Friday, April 21 at 6:30pm!

Schooner Adirondack was the first boat in CHL’s fleet and she continues to be a New York crowd pleaser for visitors and locals alike. On Saturday, April 22, we’ll be celebrating Earth Day with two Classic Day Sails and an Evening Sunset Sail. What better way to celebrate Mother Earth then an eco-friendly sail around New York Harbor!

One of CHL’s long standing Captains, Katrina van Zee, says the beginning of each season is always special, “For me the most exciting part is our first trip just after we’ve raised sails and turned the motors off, seeing the city glide by as we make our way to the Statue powered by the wind.” Captain Kat has been working for CHL since 2004 and at the helm of Adirondack coming up on 12 seasons. Although Capt. Kat finds sailing rewarding in all conditions, an ideal sail on Adirondack consists of a southeasterly breeze and favoring current as Captain and crew sail right up to the Statue of Liberty.

Schooner Adirondack’s schedule is full of afternoon and sunset sails offered daily to the public, along with a romantic City Lights Sail offered on Thursday and Saturday evenings through October.

The ambiance on a typical Day Sail Aboard Schooner Adirondack is perfect for families, couples, sightseers and locals looking to escape the city and feel the warm summer breeze out in the Harbor. According to Capt. Kat, “A typical sail on Adirondack is relaxed and laid back as we travel at the speed provided by the wind and current as much as possible. With a brisk southerly breeze, we enjoy the exhilaration of sailing to windward with the wind in our face and the boat galloping along with a windward heel (tilt).” 

What’s new this year on Schooner Adirondack:
Good news for our beer-drinking, artisan-cheese-eating enthusiasts! CHL is bringing back Brews of the Boroughs Sunset Sail this season. Can we get a ‘hear, hear!” On this 2-hour sail, our guests will enjoy four locally crafted brews paired with four artisan cheeses. Relax on deck, take in the sights and watch the crew raise sail as the boat glides toward to Statue of Liberty for a spectacular sunset over Manhattan. Beginning June 6th and offered alternating Tuesdays through September!

Click HERE to see all of the Adirondack Activities. 


A Note about the Author: 

Meg Yeiter: Meg grew up and went to college in Michigan. After graduation, she did what any 21-year-old with a degree and no img_9344job would do – move to a mountain town to spend all day skiing fresh powder and afternoons clinking glasses at chic après ski lodges. Just kidding, she moved to Park City, Utah, where she got her first journalism job as a reporter at the local newspaper and borrowed her friends ski’s to hit the slopes a few times a month. Meg has always had a passion for traveling and the outdoors. She moved to New York City in early 2015. During her first year here, Meg found herself consistently running to Classic Harbor Line to catch an evening sunset sail. She officially joined the Classic Harbor Line team in April 2016 and now no longer needs to run anywhere. In her free time, Meg enjoys exploring New England, repurposing furniture, and sailing of course.

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