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The Art of Giving: Classic Harbor Line Gift Certificates

Classic Harbor Line

The Art of Giving: Classic Harbor Line Gift Certificates


This holiday season, instead of exchanging material gifts with your friends and family, consider gifting an experience. Check out some of our yacht cruises and sailing excursions offered Best Gift Certificate Idea | Classic Harbor Linethroughout the year for a meaningful gift that everyone can look forward to.  We know you like coming out on our classically-inspired boats, too, so we understand if you call dibs on a ticket for yourself. 

Shopping doesn’t have to be a huge, time-consuming consequence of the holidays that creates anxiety in your life. Remember last year when you stood in the checkout line for hours waiting to make your holiday purchases? Or, if you’re like me, you might recall sitting at your computer after work shopping online and paying ridiculous shipping fees. (We’ve all been there). The time and money spent on finding the perfect clothing item or electronic device during the holidays is astonishing. At Classic Harbor Line, we’re certain that a gift that allows you to spend a couple of fun, relaxing hours with your loved one, friends, or family will be treasured longer than any trinket or trend. 

Our boat cruises are perfect for classic boat enthusiasts, sailors, locals needing to escape the city with a class of Champagne, foodies in search of a 4-course brunch, or tourists looking for a relaxing and comfortable way to see the sights around Manhattan. We make gift giving just like our boats: effortless, elegant and timeless.   

Fast-forward to December: your significant other hands you an envelope with two certificates to an Around Manhattan Brunch Cruise. Now there’s a gift that says “I love you, and I know that you love brunch.” You then write a nice thank-you note and either invite them or your best friend to join you on the water. Find a date that fits into your schedule and call us to redeem your seats.

a boat cruising down a river with a city landscape in the backgroundIf sailing is your forte, I highly recommend a Schooner Sunset Sail. Plan a date night any time May through October and relax with a few complimentary beverages while you watch the sunset behind Lady Liberty. It’s an elegant and romantic way to spend an evening together, which is what we call fulfilling.

To purchase your gift certificate, please visit www.sail-nyc.com and scroll to the bottom of the page. Select the “Buy Gift Certificate” tab and follow the instructions to purchase yours online. To redeem, call 212.627.1825 and dial extension 1500 for our Ticket Booth. A representative will confirm your seats and send you a confirmation email.



A Note about the Author: 

Meg Yeiter: Meg grew up and went to college in Michigan. After graduation, she did what any 21-year-old with a degree and no Meg Yeiterjob would do – move to a mountain town to spend all day skiing fresh powder and afternoons clinking glasses at chic après ski lodges. Just kidding, she moved to Park City, Utah, where she got her first journalism job as a reporter at the local newspaper and borrowed her friends ski’s to hit the slopes a few times a month. Meg has always had a passion for traveling and the outdoors. She moved to New York City in early 2015. During her first year here, Meg found herself consistently running to Classic Harbor Line to catch an evening sunset sail. She officially joined the Classic Harbor Line team in April 2016 and now no longer needs to run anywhere. In her free time, Meg enjoys exploring New England, repurposing furniture, and sailing of course.

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