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Hidden Sailing Trips

Classic Harbor Line

Hidden Sailing Trips

HiddenSailingTripsClassic Harbor Line is paying it forward and  offering “Hidden Sailing Trips” similar to “Hidden Cash NYC” starting  Sat July 5th and culminating on  Sat July 12th City Of Water Day.  Every afternoon at 12 NOON several clues will be tweeted out on  the location of 3 envelopes that contain 2 free tickets (a value of $104) for a day sailing trip on Schooner America2.0 via @ClassicHarbor.  The envelopes will be hidden around public spaces in Chelsea and finders must tweet a photo of them with envelope at location to redeem the free sails. We want to encourage New Yorkers to get out and enjoy the waterfront and enjoy sailing.  Envelopes will be hidden around iconic Chelsea locations like the High Line, Chelsea Market, A Chelsea Art Gallery, Hudson River Park, Chelsea Piers. Manhattan is an Island & we are hoping to get more people out on the water this summer.   Classic Harbor will be giving away 42 sailing tickets for a total of $2184.  Tickets can be redeemed on the day the winner finds it and up to 30 days after.

So get your running shoes on and get out there to find your tickets.  This hot weather is the perfect time to get out on the water to cool down and what better place to do that but aboard the Schooner America 2.0!  Set sail on this magnificent 105 foot schooner with a glass of Champagne in hand and the wind in your hair.  We look forward to having you!  Happy Hunting!