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Meet the Lead Singer of the NYC Holiday Cruise with Classic Harbor Line

Classic Harbor Line

Meet the Lead Singer of the NYC Holiday Cruise with Classic Harbor Line

Join us for some Cocoa and Carols in NYC! The Holiday Season is upon us and we are taking a moment to sit with Captain David.  Captain David has been with Classic Harbor Line for many years and has worn multiple hats ranging from first mate to full time Captain.  He has gone above and beyond in so many ways but in this particular interview we are tapping into something that he brings to us during this magical holiday season.  His art and his voice.  This year he leads not only as a captain on specific days but as the lead singer on other days for our Cocoa and Carols Cruise.  We take a moment to dig deep into this amazing soul.   


Captain David could you tell us a little bit about your journey with Classic Harbor Line?    DavidHeadshot

I’m finishing up on my 9th season at CHL having started as a part time mate in 2008 then getting my captain’s license in  2011.


It is also known that you are a performer and have acted around NYC in multiple performances, could you tell us a little bit about this and your journey as an artist?  

I moved to town in 2006 and performed in several regional theaters before deciding to spend more time at home. I spent time performing in town since but now devote full time to being a captain.


When and where did you start performing as an actor/singer?  

I’ve been singing my whole life and theater since my school days.


Rumor has it that your range for music is from Opera to Rock and that you have your own band – can you tell us a about this?  

I always enjoyed exploring the extremes of music performance but seemed to have a strong attraction to music of the big band sound. I started my own band back in 1998 in Minnesota and continued performing with it after moving to New York. I had my final performance with the band in June 2015.


Not only do you act and sing but you also play a variety of instruments?      

I started playing trombone at the age of 10 and continued through my school years. I played a little guitar over the years.


This year you are the lead singer in Classic Harbor Line’s Cocoa and Carols Cruise, what is your inspiration for your performance and could you tell us a bit about the event  (without fully giving it away!)

With our new Manhattan II there was inspiration to bring a new angle to what we had done in years past on our Cocoa and Carols Cruises.


What makes this cruise so magical and enjoyable for you and the customers?

It’s a great time to feel a sense of community as we all sing together some of our favorite holiday songs.


What is your favorite thing about the Cocoa and Carols Cruise?

I get to perform with some top shelf musicians. Also, “The 12 Days of Christmas” never gets old.




Cocoa and Carols Holiday Cruise

Please join us for this special warm and cozy cruise with your friends, family, and all your loved ones during the Holiday Season. Step inside the toasty solarium in full holiday decor for a one hour and forty five minute cruise to see the New York City lights. Listen to live Holiday Caroling and sing along to the classic holiday carols.  Delicious Hot Cocoa, Cookies, and treats for all our guests are included!  This is a NYC Holiday cruise that you just can’t miss!

Cocoa and Carols Holiday Caroling will be featured Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays.

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