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NYC Sailing Team Builder

NYC Sailing Team Builder

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The teams should have 4-6 members and be as equal as possible. Each Group has a dedicated crew member for safety and training. The event begins with a deck tour a safety segment – takes about 20 minutes. All material that is discussed by our team builder leader is used in the competition – so listen up!

The first game is introduced: “SAIL RAISING”
Our crew demonstrates the procedure and the groups break up to practice using all members to execute the raising.
This is a time contest and team members must choose roles that best use their skills to execute the Sail Raising. The difference in time equates to points. The correctness and completion of the effort is at the captain’s discretion

The next game is Knot tying. 3 knots are taught privately to 3 separate members of each team. Then, they go back to their team to re-teach each knot to each other. Then there is a “KNOT-OFF” where all teams compete at the same time to tie the knots that are called off at the Captain’s whim. Team members cannot touch each other’s lines but they can verbally coach each other to do it correctly. The teams compete for points to be the first team to have all the knots tied correctly. Knots that are incorrectly tied will have negative points.

The last game is called “BOAT PARTS”. Throughout the day, parts of the boat are taught by their official nautical name. During this game, teams are to disperse themselves strategically throughout the boat. When the Captain calls out a boat part, the team that has a member to be first to put their hands on that item gets points for their team…

The event ends with a tallying of points and awards.

NYC Team Builders Information (PDF)

 Things to Bring
  • Clothes you don’t mind getting dirty and working out in. This charter is very hands on and we’ll be doing activities of a fairly athletic nature, so be ready for a good workout!
  • Closed toe shoes. We’ll be moving about the vessel and closed toe shoes are a must for your safety.
  • Sunblock. It’s going to be sunny!
  • A smile and a willingness to learn and try new things. This is a unique opportunity to learn a lot of interesting information from experienced, professional sailors. It’s going to be insightful and a lot of fun!

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