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Thank you for researching the accessibility of the Classic Harbor Line fleet!  Please review the content on this page and certainly contact our accessibility agent if you or your guest will require assistance at boarding time or if you have any further questions.

Accessibility Agent: 212.627.1825 Ext 1513 and ask for the General Manager Capt. Cait Field. Ph.D or [email protected]

Website Accessibility

This website, as well as our third-party ticketing platform, ‘FareHarbor’, is designed, built and maintained to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 to an AA standard.  If you have any issue using a site reader to process your tickets or any issue with the visual enhancements offered by the ‘Userway’ application on our site, please do not hesitate to call for assistance or to report an issue: 212.627.1825

Assistance with Purchasing Tickets

For additional assistance with booking tickets, feel free to email us at [email protected]  or call us at 212.627.1825 or visit us at our ticket window at Chelsea Piers on Pier 62 in New York City.

Guests who may need some assistance boarding

If the guest in question can climb a few stairs, we are able to assist them in boarding ANY of the vessels in the Classic Harbor Line fleet.

We would like to know in advance which trip you will be on and schedule a pre-boarding for your group in this case.

Storing manual wheelchairs or walkers

Walkers or wheelchairs not needed while aboard can also be stowed by our crew.  Guests are also welcome to keep a manual wheelchair or walker with them aboard Manhattan or Manhattan II.

Guests requiring a manual wheelchair

If the use of a manual wheelchair is required for boarding, we would like to coordinate your ticket purchase to ensure that you are purchasing for a date and a time when the Yacht Manhattan II is operating.  This is our most ‘accessible’ vessel and the most regularly used vessel.  It has a ramp for boarding, but will require a 2-4 person lift of the guest over a 6 inch gap between the boarding platform and the deck of the boat.  We are accustomed to doing this, but prefer to have a discussion prior to your arrival.


Guests should note that the bathrooms are located down a flight of stairs on both the Manhattan and the Manhattan II. The stairwells are wide enough for the guest to be assisted up and down and there is a hand railing.

Restrooms are also ‘down below’ aboard the schooner Adirondack, schooner America 2.0 & the yacht Full Moon.

The yacht Kingston is our only vessel with a restroom on the main deck (no stairs to and from the restroom).  This is a small vessel that cannot accommodate a wheelchair.  This vessel is rarely used for ticketed events and mostly used for private charters.

Bring a lock for motorized chairs

If you or your guest is arriving to the boat with a motorized chair, and is able to walk with some assistance to get aboard, please bring a lock for the motorized chair as we cannot carry and store motorized carts aboard the vessels, nor do we have secure space on site available for storage.

Basics on Accessibility at Classic Harbor Line

None of the boats in the Classic Harbor Line fleet are defined as ‘accessible’ by ADA guidelines, nor are the boats required to be due to their low capacity rating.  However, we have established our boarding practices in an as safe and reasonable fashion as possible to accommodate as many guests as possible.

Limitations at boarding time

There is an unavoidable gap between the top boarding step or platform and the deck of the boat for each of our boats.  Due to the roughness of New York harbor, please keep in mind that our docks are in constant motion as are our boats.

Please note:

  • Guests should not plan to have motorized chairs lifted aboard.
  • Guests over 175 pounds should not plan to be lifted aboard.
  • Environmental conditions beyond our control – extreme weather, high seas and wakes in the inner harbor, could also prevent us from safely transferring anyone from the boarding platform to the deck of the yacht. (This is a very rare circumstance)

Service Animals

Only animals that perform a manual task to assist a person are permitted aboard.  Emotional support animals are not permitted.  Pets are not permitted.