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Best Sightseeing Boat Tours in NYC | Classic Harbor Line


May I bring food aboard?

Yes, however we only allow light snacks. 


May I bring alcohol aboard?

No.  It is unlawful to bring alcohol aboard.  There are complimentary soft drinks available on your cruise. 


Is the boat safe?

Yes. Each boat in the fleet is a U.S. Coast-Guard Certified vessel meaning that all related federal regulations are fully adhered to, including having the correct safety equipment and maintaining safety-training for the captains and crew.  


Am I likely to get sea-sick?

It is uncommon for our guests to experience sea sickness, though those who are prone to it are advised to consider preventative measures of their choosing. (i.e sea sickness compression wrist bands, which are available for purchase at check-in)


What is the seating like?

Seating styles vary across the fleet.  On all boats there is outdoor seating available.  

On the motor boats, indoor seating in covered areas is also available.  

The Manhattans have large enclosed climate-controlled spaces for year-round comfort.  This interior seating is on cushioned benches that wrap around tables.  Guests tend to share tables with other guests.  It is a very social seating style. Additionally, on some events, seating on the Manhattans is assigned.  In these cases guests are asked if there are any other bookings with whom they would like to be seated.  

The seating on the schooners (sailing yachts) is always unassigned.  It is ‘open-deck’ style seating on benches or cabin tops and guests are exposed to the elements (i.e. wind, sun or cool conditions) throughout the sailing experience.


What type of ticket should I buy? 

A ticket must be selected for each person in your group, including infants. Some of our cruises and sails have child or student tickets and infant tickets.  Generally, our evening time cruises & sails or heavily-narrated cruises (such as the AIANY Architecture Tours) do not have infant or child tickets available.  If that is the case, each individual must have the general admission ticket purchased for them.  

The recommended excursions for families with children are the Statue & Skyline Cruise, the Day Sail, the Brunch Cruise and Cocoa & Carols Cruises.  Infants are not really recommended for our activities, but infant tickets are available on these family-friendly events previously listed.


May I smoke aboard?

No.  Smoking is not allowed on our boats at any time.


Are the boats ADA accessible?

Please see full detail regarding accessibility with the Classic Harbor Line fleet.


What is the route and what do we see?

Our routes vary slightly.  All cruises & schooner sails will get a view of the lower financial district, Governors Island, Upper New York Harbor, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, with the exception of the Full Day Cruise to Bear Mountain & our Fall Foliage Cruises & Sails which only travel north on the Hudson River.

Any cruise that circumnavigates the island of Manhattan will additionally traverse the East River & Harlem River, will pass under 19 bridges, and will include views of the Brooklyn waterfront, Queens, the U.N., Roosevelt Island, Queens, the Bronx, Yankee Stadium, the Cloisters, the Palisades, the George Washington Bridge, the Upper West Side of Manhattan, parts of Times Square, and the Intrepid Air, Sea & Space Museum.

Special tours may have additional sites on their routes.  Find those listed in the activity descriptions specific to each tour.


Is there a bathroom?

Yes.  Each of our boats has a bathroom.


Is there parking and how much is it?

Yes.  There is parking at Chelsea Piers on Piers 61, 60 & 59.  Parking for up to 3 hours ins $30 and for up to 4 hours is $42. More information on parking at Chelsea Piers click here

**If you are attending one of our cruises at North Cove Marina, please source one of the many local parking garages in the area of Battery Park City.  The nearest garage is at 250 Vessey Street (entrance on 51 North End Avenue).


Do you ever cancel due to weather?

Yes.  Occasionally we have to cancel due to weather. The open decks of the schooners (sail boats) make them more susceptible to a cancellation due to rain.  They may also be shut down due to extremely high winds. The motor boats feature enclosed salons and can operate comfortably in wet conditions.  If any of our trips are cancelled due to weather you will be contacted as soon as possible with the contact  information you provided. You will be given the opportunity to reschedule, convert to gift certificate credit or take a full refund.


Are life jackets available?

Yes.  Each of our boats is a U.S. Coast Guard certified passenger vessel and each operates with the required number of life jackets. Each life jacket is a ‘Type 1’ life jacket.  They are bright orange, rigid life jackets that are designed for emergency use and are designed to keep your head afloat at sea.  For the most part, they are not comfortable to wear while sitting on a boat.  The life jackets for children are also ‘Type 1’ life jackets.  If you would like to comfortably wear a life jacket or have one for a child to wear while cruising or sailing with us, we suggest bringing your own. 


Is gratuity included with my ticket?

When purchasing tickets for parties of 8 or more on Food Cruises there will be an additional gratuity charge of 15% to your tickets. On all other cruises there will be an additional 10% Gratuity added on groups of 10 more. 


Do your cruises sell out?

Often times they do, so booking early, especially for a weekend, sunset or Saturday evening excursion is highly recommended.


Can I get a refund for my ticket?

**Refund/Rescheduling Policy**

An option to reschedule or convert to a gift certificate is available up until 24 hours prior to departure. We are not able to offer refunds.  Requests for cancellation, rescheduling or conversion to gift credit must be sent by email to [email protected].  

*Unique cancelation terms can be offered upon request. Please call 212-627-1825, option 4.


Is the boat available for Private Charters?

Yes!  Each boat is available for private charter. Please contact [email protected] 

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