NYC Fleet Week with Classic Harbor Line
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NYC Fleet Week with Classic Harbor Line

Navy ship in the Hudson River with the World Trade Center and NYC Skyline in the background

Spend NYC Fleet week with Classic Harbor Line. NYC Fleet week is back and we are running a selective number of Military History Tours to take you to these amazing ships in NY Harbor! 

Highlights along the way:

  • Get up close with ships docked all over the city! This tour is a great way to get a waterside view of all of them. There’s also an exciting lineup of ships visiting this year, including the large-deck amphibious ship USS Wasp, as well as ships from allied navies of Italy, Canada, and the UK. 
  • This tour is about the impact of the military on the harbor and the city, past and present.
  • We visit parts of the harbor that most tours don’t, especially the working waterfront in New Jersey, Staten Island, and Brooklyn. One of the big highlights is seeing the Bayonne Dry Dock, built in WWII and still used today to repair ships for the US Navy’s Military Sealift Command. 
  • We will also feature a few historic ships in the harbor, most notably Intrepid, which this year will celebrate its 80th birthday. But there are also several retired Coast Guard vessels and fire boats around the harbor that we will highlight.
  • We will visit a number of historic military landmarks, most notably the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Today the Yard still plays an important role for the Sea Services, as it remains NY Harbor’s largest shipyard, doing repair work for working ships like tugboats and barges, as well as ships of the US Coast Guard. 

Grab your tickets for our NYC Military History Tour below! NYC Fleet Week with Classic Harbor Line!

Military History Tour of New York Harbor

Military History Tour of New York Harbor

In honor of our National Holiday Weekends, Classic Harbor Line and Turnstile Tours have teamed up to offer a special series of Naval Harbor History Tours! Join us on Memorial Day Weekend for a special, in-depth tour of our rich harbor-related war history.  This special 2.5-hour tour will explore the military history of New York Harbor from the Revolutionary War to today, with special emphasis on the role of the port in World War II. We will visit historic military sites, monuments, fortifications and see historic and modern fighting ships up close (especially during Fleet Week).

Duration: 2.5 hrsBoat: ManhattanCost: Adult $96 – $112