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The Great Boatlift

In honor of 9/11 and in commemoration of the Great Boat Lift, a Flotilla and Blessing of the Fleet is being organized on Friday September 10. Passage aboard the Classicseveral boats cruising on a river with a city landscape in the background Harbor Line Fleet is being offered to participate in this grand event. 100% of all ticket sales are donated to various waterfront organizations.

  • The “Boatlift” of 9/11 was the largest water evacuation in history. After road, tunnel, and railway closures out of New York City, over half a million people were stranded in lower Manhattan following the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. 
  • American Maritime transported over 500,000 survivors from lower Manhattan across the harbor to safety and the rescue was larger than the evacuation of 340,000 American-allied troops at Dunkirk. 
  • The rescue effort involved over 150 American Maritime vessels, including passenger ferries, tugboats, merchant ships, private vessels, and New York City Fire Department and Police Department boats. 
  • More than 800 American mariners participated in the Boatlift evacuation of September 11th.

rug boat up against a dock full of pedestriansROUTE

The route will include a gathering south of Governor’s Island, a pass by the Statue of Liberty and then a procession and a pass in front of the World Trade Center site. 

route map of where the cruise will travel


100% of ticket sales will go to support waterfront related non-profits who are working to develop future mariners, support waterfront development or protect and preserve maritime history.

These entities include:

  • Rocking the Boat
  • Brooklyn Boat Works
  • Billion Oyster Project benefitting NY Harbor School Programs
  • The John J Harvey, Save Our Ships
  • Portside NY
  • Lilac Preservation Project
  • Working Harbor Committee
  • National Maritime Historical Society, Sea History
  • Hudson River Maritime Museum

Carolina Salguero is the Founder and Executive Director of PortSide NewYork, a local nonprofit connecting New Yorkers to the potential of their waterfront, with a special focus on reaching the underserved. Carolina will be speaking aboard the Yacht Manhattan during the Flotilla and Blessing of the Fleet grand event on 9/10 on her first-hand experience during the Great Boatlift of 9/11. Visit the PortSide NewYork webpage here to learn more about Mariner’s response to 9/11 and view their exhibit.