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Kingston, Full Moon & Adirondack Menu

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(20 Guest Minimum)



Fruit Display (V): A beautiful display of the finest fresh fruit of the day

Freshly Baked NY Bagels (V): Served with whipped cream cheese and butter

Assorted Danish, Croissants & Biscotti (V)

Individual Greek Yogurt – assorted flavors V

 Orange Juice, Coffee & Tea



Norwegian Smoked Salmon Display (+$8/guest): With red onion, capers, fresh dill and cucumber

Charcuterie Skewers (+$6/guest): With ham, salami, fig, gruyere and cornichon



(Small serves 8-12 guests. Large serves 12-18 guests)


Fruit Display (V): A beautiful display of the finest fresh fruit of the day
Small $80, Large $120

Pinwheels (select one)
Turkey, arugula, and cheese with white balsamic reduction
Avocado, spinach and black bean salad with a lightly spiced dressing V
Prosciutto, provolone, and arugula with fresh basil pesto
Small $120, Large $160, mix of two $200

 Artisan & International Cheese Display (V): An assortment of European and locally produced cheeses displayed with assorted flatbreads, dried fruits, local jam & nuts.
Small $130, Large $180

 Tuscan Antipasto Display: Selection of 5 cured meats, imported Italian specialty cheese, an olive medley, and flat bread crackers
Small $130, Large $180

 Meat and Cheese Display: Selection of two artisan cheeses and three cured Italian meats with olive medley and flat bread crackers
Small $130, Large $180

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail: Served with lemon wedges and spicy tomato horseradish sauce
Small $130, Large $180

 Fresh Crudités Platter (V): Seasonal medley of fresh vegetables accompanied by chef’s specialty dipping sauce
Small $90, Large $130

Mediterranean Platter (V): Hummus, mixed gourmet olives, grape leaves, marinated feta and roasted peppers with pita.
Large Only $180

Artichoke Spread (V): With fresh herbs, garlic, feta, fresh mozzarella, Asiago cheese, extra virgin olive oil served in with flatbread and pita triangles.
Large Only $110

Mezze Display (V): With tzatziki, hummus, roasted eggplant, sweety drop peppers, gigante beans, yellow fire roasted tomato with pita
Large only $190

 Dessert (V): Assorted Italian cookies and pastries
Small $120, Large $175



(20 Guest Minimum)



(Choose Three)

Sliced Roasted Turkey Breast: With cheddar cheese, leaf lettuce, tomato, herb mayo

Sliced Salami, Capicola, and Provolone: Oil/vinegar, tomato, arugula, oil/ vinegar

 Sliced Smoked Ham: With cheddar cheese, Dijon mustard, leaf lettuce, tomato

Black Bean Southwestern Style: With tomato, kale in vinaigrette (Vegan)

Fresh Mozzarella, Tomatoes, and Arugula: With fresh basil pesto V



Fresh Fruit Display (V): A beautiful display of the finest fresh fruit of the day

Assorted Gourmet Chips (V): Miss Vicky’s BBQ, Plain, Jalapeño



Freshly baked Italian cookies and brownies (V)







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