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Currently sailing in New York Harbor! Learn How We’ve Changed our Operation!

As Covid-19 transmission rates continue to stay low in the New York City area, Classic Harbor Line (CHL) is running a variety of modified cruises in line with the required health and safety guidelines for our area.

You can book tickets now with greater ticket cancelation flexibility.


Also, there have been many updates to our operating practices that guests should review:

  • -All tickets can be rescheduled or converted to credit up until 24 hours in advance for ANY reason.
  • -Capacity is reduced to follow the current New York State Guidelines.
  • -Assigned ‘zones’ or ‘tables’ are assigned for social distancing practices on each of our excursions.
  • -Private Tables on the Manhattan and Manhattan II are elegant divided by Plexiglass, and feature openable windows and grand skylights.
  • -Each guest over the age of 2 must have a facial mask.
  • -Each crew member will don a facial mask at all times.
  • -Hand sanitizer is readily available on each boat.
  • -Contactless transactions are enabled for ticket purchase, check-in, bar purchases and tipping.
  • -High-touch points of the yachts are sanitized between every sail.
  • -Guests and CHL crew will be turned away if they have apparent symptoms. Additionally, CHL Crew will have temperature checks prior to working daily.
  • -A health questionnaire regarding COVID-19 exposure, symptoms, or test positives will be given to all prior to boarding.
  • -We encourage everyone to enjoy a picnic in the picnic in the park before or after your cruise with us.

Classic Harbor Line will be closely adhering to the guidelines set forth by the Passenger Vessel Association, who cites the CDC guidelines and gives specific guidance to our industry on how to safely operate under Covid-19 conditions. 

Additionally, we will be following the NY State Reopening guidelines as they pertain to our industry. Please also note that the guidelines we adopt may be changed over time by governing authorities and we will therefore adjust accordingly. For any major changes, our previously booked guests will be notified. 


Do I have to wear a mask the entire time?

Presently masks are required at all times. This is subject to change as new phases rollout in New York City.

What is the air ventilation like?

All seating on the schooners is in open air on the outer decks. All seating areas in the main salons of the Manhattans, Full Moon & Kingston will have windows open as much as possible.

How much space is between me and the next person?

This will vary based on attendees. Do note that facial masks are required by each guest, capacity is reduced by 50%, and private ‘zones’ or private ‘tables’ will be designated. 

Can I choose my assigned ‘Zone’ or ‘Table’?

Our ticketing system will space bookings as they come in based on size. You can make requests (i.e. port, starboard, forward, etc.), and we will do our best to accommodate you, but cannot guarantee it will be available. All Tickets on the Manhattans will be assigned to ‘tables’ in the main salons. All tickets on the schooners will be assigned to ‘zones’ on the open deck. All tickets on Full Moon or Kingston will be assigned to sitting areas, prioritizing covered seating areas first.

Can we move around the boat? If on the Manhattans, can we go to the outer forward deck?

Yes. Please just be courteous of others, creating the best case social distancing practices, and always wear your mask when you leave your private ‘table’ or private ‘zone’.

How many guests will be on the boat?

All excursions will be at a 50% capacity or less.  Adirondack, which is certified for 49, will have no more than 24 guests.  Manhattan II will have 32 to 56 Guests as her max capacity depending on the group sizes who book.  If you opt for a ‘Public Buy Out’ it will just be you and your group.

How often is the boat sanitized?

The boat is sanitized between every sail, including all high-touch points (handrails, doorknobs, chairs, table tops) and bathrooms.

Can I eat on the boat?
In the early stages of reopening NYC, on board food consumption will likely be prohibited. If you pre-purchased any food with us, it will be refunded. Please plan to eat prior to or after your excursion. No outside alcohol is permitted.  We encourage you to bring your own water. Upon Phase 3, food consumption will be reintroduced.

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