Climate Change in NYC and Classic Harbor Line
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Climate Change in NYC and Classic Harbor Line

The Statue of Liberty submerged under water to represent climate change

Climate Change in NYC and Classic Harbor Line

As sailors by trade we witness first-hand the pollutants in our waterways, sea level rise, and the increase in average daily temperatures occurring through Climate Change. We review and revise our operating procedures annually to cut our carbon emissions. Emphatically aiming to reduce or eliminate our use of single use plastics. We make purchasing choices that reflect these values and create tours that educate and inspire change for the betterment of our planet’s health. 

There are no single-use plastic cups nor plastic bottled waters at Classic Harbor Line. We make our own purified water and we use reusable cups in a collaboration with Cup Zero. In 2022, we kept 24K single use plastic cups from going into landfills!

Additionally, a portion of our beer is delivered to us down the Hudson River via a zero-emission sail freight with Schooner Apollonia

Our team has a plant-based catering menu for our charter clients who are looking to minimize the environmental impact of their gatherings.

We offer sailing, the oldest and greenest mode of transportation on the planet. Classic Harbor Line supports numerous food waste mitigation procedures. Overall, we envision a world where more people, making small changes, make a big & positive difference for our planet and her future.

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AIANY Climate Change Tour: Resiliency, Sustainable Architecture and the Future of NYC

The best way to understand the many facets of climate change in New York City is by traveling along its waterways. Join us aboard Yacht Manhattan or Manhattan II for the *AIANY Climate Change Tour: Resiliency, Sustainable Architecture and the Future of NYC *. Learn about how climate change is affecting our city & people, and the actions NYC is taking to mitigate pending threats while reducing its carbon footprint. This tour will address the pressing need for sustainable design and greater resiliency. Delve into how New York City is reducing fossil fuel consumption, strengthening its natural habitats, and reimagining its transportation infrastructure! This tour will also explore the importance of the environmental justice movement in New York City. (Offered on Fridays!)

Duration: 2.75 hrs (offered on Most Fridays)Boat: ManhattanCost: Adult $112 | Student $82

AIANY Industrial Waterways Tour to Freshkills Park

AIANY Industrial Waterfront Tour into Freshkills Park

Cruise the active, vibrant waterway of the Kill Van Kull and into the heart of Freshkills Park of Staten Island on one of our luxury yachts. The AIANY & planners of the Freshkills Park host this special Classic Harbor Line tour. Also, this is the only water tour available to the public into the Freshkills waterway. Officially closed in 2001, Freshkills has embarked on a 30-year project to be transformed into the largest city park in NYC! Continuing education credits available »

Duration: 3.25 hrsBoat: ManhattanCost: Adult $112 | Student $82

Sustainable Events on the Water

At Classic Harbor Line, it is our goal to be the ‘go-to’ for hosting sustainable events on the water.  If you are booking a private charter and you or your organization shares the initiative to be mindful about the environmental impact of your gathering… We are ready to help!  From emissions, to food waste, to single use plastics, to locally-sourced goods! All in all, we have the tools and procedures to help create the most sustainable event possible.

Start planning your sustainable event now and check out our ‘Sustainable Selections’ menu, packed with vegan and delicious plant-based alternatives. 

Click here to fill out our Online Private Even Form. 

Plan Your Sustainable Event

Planning your own gathering?  How can you do it without creating waste?  How can you do it without producing emissions or at least minimizing the emissions related to the goods and people involved?  We look to reusable options as often as possible (not recyclable).  For large scale events, consider partnering with CUP ZERO (they are our hero!).  For smaller gatherings, replace single use goods with reusable goods or easily compostable goods.  Be wary of ‘compostable cups’! Undoubtedly, they often-times need to go to a special facility to actually be processed. 

Food waste is reported to make up nearly ⅓ of all of New York City’s emissions.  For this reason we recommend to have an easy way for your guests to take home extra food by having compostable to-go containers, or, just ask them to bring a little tupperware because there are always left-overs.