New York, NY
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New York City Gay Pride FireworksJune is the month of PRIDE in New York City! Celebrate Equal Rights on our NYC PRIDE Fireworks Cruise, and support the Hetrick-Martin Institute on our end of the month fundraising Pride Sail! 

These events are just the thing to balance a long hot day in the NYC PRIDE Parade.   Join us to celebrate the future of our nation without discrimination. Come with a group of friends or loved ones aboard one of our classic boats to take in the beauty of this colorful PRIDE event on the Hudson River.

All of our yachts will cruise out into New York Harbor to view the icon of freedom: the Statue of Liberty.  On our Trans New York Harbor Pride Sail for the Hetrick-Martin Institute, enjoy a morning mimosa and a nearly 400 square foot Pride Flag flying proudly from our mainsail! On our PRIDE Fireworks cruises, sit on our open decks of our classic schooner or motor yacht and enjoy the best view in town for this memorable showcase of sparkling fireworks at the culmination of the PRIDE festivities in New York City! 


Schooner Adirondack sailing with a 400 square foot PRIDE Flag in front of the Statue of Liberty on a cloudy day

New York Harbor PRIDE Sail for the Hetrick-Martin Institute

Celebrate PRIDE with us and join aboard for an afternoon sail on one of our classic Schooners! 100% of net ticket sales will be donated to Hetrick-Martin Institute (HMI) whome is the nation’s oldest and largest nonprofit organization serving LGBTQIA+ youth services organization that provides its youth members with access to mental health services, social services, basic needs such as toiletries and clothing, as well as remote and in-person programming services focused on education, workforce development and arts & culture.  So grab your friends, soak up some sunshine and sail with us through the waters we proudly call home.  

  Duration: 2 hrs   Boat: Adirondack OR America 2.0   Cost: $125

World Pride Sailing in NY Harbor - PRIDE Flag

PRIDE Fireworks Cruise aboard the Yacht Manhattan

Step aboard yacht Manhattan for the famous Brooklyn Army Terminal fireworks to celebrate PRIDE!  Join us for a magical evening as you sit with amazement and awe as colorful fireworks soar in the sky of NY Harbor.  This annual celebration will end with a bang! Sparkling fireworks soar in the sky for the celebration of PRIDE! Exhale your “oohs and ahs” as you sip on Champagne and cruise through the waters we proudly call home. 100% of your tickets will be donated to HMI! 

  Duration: 1.75 hrs   Boat: Yacht Manhattan   Cost: $150 (100% will be donated to HMI)

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