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Wine and Cocktail Tastings with Wendy Crispell Join us with Wendy Crispell as she leads these fun and interactive NYC wine tastings! Whether you are interested in wine and cheese or making the perfect cocktail you will be sure to love these fun events aboard our classic yachts. Jump into the wonderful world of wine aboard the Yacht Manhattan and learn what Wendy has to offer.

Wendy has been hosting Classic Harbor Line’s wildly popular NYC wine tastings for 9 seasons. Wendy’s belief that learning about wine should be fun, and accessible to everyone, leading many participants to return year after year. In addition to holding multiple certifications in wine, Wendy is also a certified cheese professional, award-winning culinary writer, known for her world-renowned cocktail creations and is a French trained chef. She has traveled the world to get up close and personal insight into the culinary culture, traditions and trends in the world of food and wine.

What is the best date idea in NYC? How about a Wine and Cheese pairing on a classic yacht? Looking for a boat ride to see the sites of our gorgeous city without a guided tour? How about a Cocktail cruise that lets you watch the sun dip behind the Statue of Liberty? Visitors and Locals alike this wine and cheese tasting or cocktail cruise is great for a group of friends, a magical date or relatives from out of town. Become a regular and learn the ins and outs of all there is to know about Wine, Cheese and Cocktails with the wonderful Wendy Crispell!

NYC Wine and Cheese Pairing | Classic Harbor Line

Wine & Cheese Pairing Classes on Yacht Manhattan

Each week wines are carefully selected from small family run or boutique producers to express the terroir of the region being represented. Years of experience, education and constant tasting help to select wines of exceptional value, quality and taste. Cheeses are ONLY artisan or farmstead cheeses sourced from NYC’s finest shops or small local dairies. Led by NYC wine pro Wendy Crispell (a certified wine and cheese educator) our wildly popular Wine and Cheese cruise has been featured in Wine Spectator, Time Out NY, Edible Manhattan, Gastronomista, Pasta’s Kitchen, Two plus Two review and The New York Post(Photo by Tali Blankfeld). 

  Duration: 2 hrs   Boat: Manhattan   Cost: Adult $92

Wine Tasting NYC | Classic Harbor Line

Wine Regions of the World Tasting Series Cruise

Taste the wines of the world! Each cruise focuses on a different region or theme. Explore grapes, styles, soils, viticulture, and tasting techniques that will enhance your tasting experience. These interactive tastings will be conducted by our certified wine consultant, Wendy Crispell, in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Artisan & farmstead cheeses, with a selection of jams, dried fruits, honey and breads will be expertly paired to complement the region’s wines.


  Duration: 2 hrs   Boat: Manhattan   Cost: Adult $92 - $112

May 9th: Girls Rock! Women wine & cheesemakers in celebration of Mother's Day!

May 4th: Springtime in the Garden of France: The Loire Valley

White, Red, Rose and delicious! The home of Sancerre offers so much more in this lesser known region of France. Cheeses from this region are also a treat! Tangy goat cheeses and other specialties are wonderful additions to pair in this wonderful tasting course!

  Duration: 2 hrs   Boat: Manhattan   Cost: Adult $92

June 27th: Blazing Sunsets! Red Wine perfect for Summer Sipping paired with cheese & chocolate.

June 8th: Picnic Wines and Finds: Easy Cheesy Bites to Pair

Refreshing finds paired with gourmet Jams, spreads, cheeses, olives and breads. 5 pairings with recipes included. So step aboard with friends and enjoy a Saturday evening out on the water with Wendy Crispell.  Cruise with a glass in hand as you watch the sun dip beyond the horizon while enjoying the fund and educational cruise aboard a classic yacht. 

  Duration: 2 hrs   Boat: Manhattan   Cost: Adult $92

April 25th: France without Fear: Part One

June 15th: Sparkling Wines of the World: White, Red and Bubbly

The world of bubbles are about a lot more than just Champagne and Prosecco. Discover French Cremant, Spanish Cava, German Sekt, and Sparkling Shiraz. Cheeses and more will be expertly paired. Cruise with us into the sunset as you sip on these wonderful wines and watch the sun dip beyond the horizon. 

  Duration: 2 hrs   Boat: Manhattan   Cost: Adult $92

NYC Winter Sightseeing Cruise

June 29th: Summer Reds: Chilling and Grilling

Step aboard for a NYC Wine Tasting a classic yacht!  We understand that you can crave reds in the Summer but also long for some refreshment!  Not sure which ones to choose? Fear not!  There are many chill worthy reds and robust rose wines ready to take on your next BBQ.  Or to match with your cheese and meat board when hosting friends over. Start with a serving of bubbly and then sip with us through 5 expert pairings. Cruise with us around Manhattan and enjoy these summer red wines with wonderful Wendy Crispell.  

  Duration: 2 hrs   Boat: Manhattan or Manhattan II   Cost: Adult $92

June 13th: Greece, White & Red Wine and Cheese from the Mediterranean!

July 13th: Greek Wines and Cheesy Mediterranean delights

Greece is home to many fabulous indigenous white and red wines. Cheeses from Greece are also stellar with olives, veggies and crusty rustic breads and spreads. Enjoy as we cruise around the NY Harbor aboard our classic yacht. 

  Duration: 2 hrs   Boat: Manhattan   Cost: Adult $92

July 25th: New Zealand, Lush Green land of Red and White Wines and the local USA cheeses that love them.

July 27th: Eastern European Wonders: Wines of Hungary, Czech Republic & Slovenia

Wendy has traveled extensively in these regions to find the best in under the radar wines. These exotic beauties will be paired with cheeses and or meats to take our tasting to the next level! Cruise with us in NY Harbor as you sip on the delicious picks and watch the sun dip beyond the Statue of Liberty! 

  Duration: 2 hrs   Boat: Manhattan   Cost: Adult $92

August 8th: Italy! Part One.

August 10th: Provence, Languedoc, Cote du Rhone: Wines and cheeses of France

France will always be Wendy’s first love, when it comes to wines and cheeses. Learn about tradition and current trends in wine and cheese as you cruise through NY Harbor aboard our classic yacht.  What better way to spend a Saturday evening than sipping on delicious wines as you watch the sun dip beyond the Statue of Liberty. 

  Duration: 2 hrs   Boat: Manhattan   Cost: Adult $92

August 22nd: Italy! Part Two.

August 24th: Spain: Wines and Cheeses

Cruise with us aboard the yacht Manhattan and enjoy a tasting tour of the wines and cheeses of Spain! Two whites, three reds and a selection of perfectly paired cheeses. Grab your friends and enjoy this special Saturday evening event. 

  Duration: 2 hrs   Boat: Manhattan   Cost: Adult $92

September 12th: For Gouda time call, Chille & Argentina.

September 7th: Portugal: Wines and Cheeses

A tasting tour of the wines and cheeses of Portugal! Two whites, three reds and a selection of perfectly paired cheeses. Portugal is full of amazingly delicious red, white, sparkling and fortified wine. On this cruise we will dive deep in and discover these delicious flavors. 

  Duration: 2 hrs   Boat: Manhattan   Cost: Adult $92

Wine Tastings aboard the Yacht Manhattan

September 21st: Oktoberfest: The best of the Wurst with Riesling & beyond

Experience the best in cheese, sausage and wine, from some of the best producers in Germany. Each year Wendy visits Germany to research trends, flavors and culture in this unique part of the world. Cruise with us around the Harbor and dive in to these delicious picks!  

  Duration: 2 hrs   Boat: Manhattan   Cost: Adult $92 - $112

October 24th: Spain and the Iberian Peninsula, From Rioja to Rueda and beyond with sinfully satisfying cheeses, jams and drizzles!

October 5th: Chile and Argentina: Paired with a study in Gouda

The liquid gems of Chile and the Andes are showcased with Gouda cheeses crafted with a rage of milk and age. No red wax wrapped cheeses here! Each cheese will be selected to pair perfectly with the wines of the day.

  Duration: 2 hrs   Boat: Manhattan   Cost: Adult $92

November 5th & 19th: Wine, Cheese, Chocolate pairing

Compare flavor, texture, sweet and salty elements while we craft the perfect pairing! Cruise with us in our cozy climate controlled all-glass observatory and sip on these delicious picks.  


  Duration: 2 hrs   Boat: Manhattan   Cost: Adult $92

Private Holiday Yacht Rental NYC | Classic Harbor Line

Holiday Wine Tasting aboard Yacht Manhattan

Step aboard the Yacht Manhattan or Manhattan II decked out in full holiday decor. Relax in our climate controlled glassed-in observatory and sip on wines hand picked by our adored wine expert Wendy Crispell!  She will teach you which wines go perfectly with everything on your holiday table. Additionally, each will be paired with the perfect cheese, chocolate or chutney to help you build the perfect holiday platter, or to help bring you into the spirited holiday season.

  Duration: 2 hrs   Boat: Manhattan   Cost: Adult $92

Valentine’s Day Champagne Tasting Cruise

Join us in NYC for a Champagne Valentine’s Day Cruise aboard the luxury yacht Manhattan II.  As you cruise on the Yacht Manhattan II, you will be able to take in all the beauty the New York City skyline has to offer while cozying up and staying warm in our climate controlled observatory. This cruise has limited capacity to create an intimate, comfortable and quiet NY Harbor cruise.  This Valentine’s Day Cruise is one of the best date ideas in the city of Manhattan.  This romantic, intimate and breathtaking NYC Cruise is something that you will make a regular annual event on this special day.    

  Duration: 1.5 hrs   Boat: Manhattan II   Cost: Adult $72

March 28th See, Smell, Swirl, Touch, Taste. Wine 201, Secrets of a Wine and Cheese Professional

March 23rd: Women in Wine and Cheese: Women’s History Month

Women are breaking grounds in the field of wine! History will tell you wine is a gentleman’s game, but truth is ladies have played an important part all along. Cheesemaking was once part of daily life, as a way to preserve milk. Some of today best cheesemakers are women, experimenting with technique and tradition. Learn about today’s movers and shakers at this special event aboard the motor yacht Manhattan.

  Duration: 2 hrs   Boat: Manhattan   Cost: Adult $92

Wine and Cheese Pairing in NYC | Classic Harbor Line

April 13th: Wine and Cheese: Sensory Sensation

Learn how to perfectly pair and evaluate wine and cheese pairings using smells, texture and contrasting/complementary flavor combinations!  Step aboard the yacht Manhattan for this intimate and fun filled educational cruise with Wendy Crispell.  

  Duration: 2 hrs   Boat: Manhattan   Cost: Adult $92