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NYC’s Abandoned Islands

Off bow of Manhattan, guests see an Abandoned Island in the distance

“The Forgotten History of NYC’s Abandoned Islands – and how you can see them up close”

Comprehensive map of NYC with dots indicating; N.Brother Island, Mill Rock, S. brother Island, Roosevelt Island, Belmont Island, and Chelsea Pier 62

This story by Alex Oliveira highlights our unique new cruise. The Urban Naturalist Tour: Abandoned Islands. Classic Harbor Line‘s tour explores the abandoned islands along New York City’s East River, overflowing with history and natural beauty.

The cruise runs three-hours on our beautiful 1920s-style yacht. The tour reviewed was narrated by naturalist Gabriel Willow.

During the tour, guests visit several islands including; Belmont, Roosevelt, Randall’s, Mill Rock, North, and South Brother Islands. Each of these islands have diverse histories, from being homes to baseball stars like Babe Ruth to sites of historic maritime disasters and quarantine hospitals. Therefore, this cruise offers insights into these diverse histories and highlights the wildlife sanctuaries that have now become part of the island’s new life.

The tour, priced at $124, includes a glass of champagne as well as a sandwich. The cruise is correspondingly timed to allow you and your loved ones to enjoy all there is to see at sunset. This tour provides stunning views of the city illuminated at night. Additionally, passengers are encouraged to bring binoculars for unforgettable wildlife viewing aboard our boating adventure!

Read about NYC’s Abandoned Islands in the article here!

Vibrant Fall Foliage with Classic Harbor Line

Motor yacht Manhattan II cruises on the Hudson past the vibrant fall foliage on the palisades in the fall.

“Let me tell you—here’s how to plan the perfect fall day in NYC”

– Rossilynne Skena Culgan
Yacht Kingston cruising through NY Harbor at Sunset

Experience the vibrant fall foliage from the water with Classic Harbor Line! Step aboard our elegant 1920s-style yacht for a cozy sightseeing cruise through the stunning Hudson Valley. Enjoy a front-row seat to the jewel-toned leaves and take in iconic landmarks like the George Washington Bridge, the Cloisters, the Palisades, and the Little Red Lighthouse.

As you glide along the serene waters, our knowledgeable crew will point out the natural beauty and historic sites that make this region so special. Feel the crisp autumn air, marvel at the panoramic views and vibrant fall foliage while sipping on a warm beverage from our onboard bar.

Whether you’re planning a romantic date, a family outing, or a day with friends, our fall foliage cruise offers the perfect escape from the city without leaving it.

Tickets start at $108 per person. For an elevated experience, opt for our lunch or brunch cruises. Don’t miss this chance to truly experience the autumn colors from the best vantage point in New York. Create unforgettable memories with Classic Harbor Line!

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Fall Foliage Cruise loved by ABC7 News

Couple admires the fall foliage aboard Classic Harbor Line Yacht

“Fall activities in New York City celebrate all that autumn has to offer”

– ABC7 News

Motor yacht Manhattan II cruises on the Hudson past the vibrant fall foliage on the palisades in the fall.

ABC7 news covered all the amazing things to do in NYC this fall. Classic Harbor Line‘s Fall Foliage cruise is one of the top things to do during NYC fall. We are thrilled!

Come for your Fall Foliage Adventure

Our Fall Foliage Cruise offers a unique perspective on the changing seasons. As you sail aboard our elegant 1920s-style yacht, you witness the breathtaking transformation of the Hudson Valley. The vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows of the autumn leaves are a sight to behold. Moreover, it’s a stunning visual feast that’s best enjoyed from the serene waters.

Our cruise showcases the natural beauty of the season while including views of iconic landmarks. Indeed! Thereupon you will see the George Washington Bridge, the Cloisters, and the unquestionably beautiful Palisades. Undoubtedly these sights, combined with the fall colors, create an unforgettable experience. Also there’s the Little Red Lighthouse, a charming historic landmark that adds to the scenic journey.

The Fall Foliage Cruise is perfect for everyone. Families, couples, and groups of friends all find joy in this relaxing and picturesque outing. Our yacht provides a cozy and comfortable setting. You can enjoy the views from our heated glass observatory, then brave the fresh autumn air on the open bow. Each ticket includes a complimentary drink (wines, beers, bubbles or a mug of hot chocolate). You can opt to have it spiked for some extra warmth!

We are proud to be recognized by ABC7 News. This accolade certainly underscores our commitment to providing exceptional experiences on the water. Our crew is dedicated to making each cruise unique and memorable. From the stunning fall scenery to the luxurious comfort of our yacht, every detail is carefully considered.

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