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Monthly Archives: May 2019

Fleet Week Military History Tour

Every year during Fleet Week, we partner with Turnstile Tours to offer a memorable boat cruise about the military history of New York Harbor.  We will focus on the activity of the Harbor during World War II.  We will depart from Chelsea Piers, aboard the beautiful motor yacht Manhattan and visit the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Brooklyn Army Terminal, and USS Intrepid, as well as other historic and military sites along the New Jersey and Brooklyn shores. Along the way, we share the stories of sailors, shipbuilders, longshoremen and merchant mariners who built New York Harbor into the heart of the American war effort. So step aboard and enjoy this educational cruise with us out in the Harbor.    
Military History Tour of New York Harbor

Military History Tour of New York Harbor

In honor of our National Holiday Weekends, Classic Harbor Line and Turnstile Tours have teamed up to offer a special series of Naval Harbor History Tours! Join us on Memorial Day Weekend (and Fleet Week), for a special, in-depth tour of our rich harbor-related war history.  This special 2.5-hour tour will explore the military history of New York Harbor from the Revolutionary War to today, with special emphasis on the role of the port in World War II. We will visit historic military sites, monuments, fortifications and see historic and modern fighting ships up close (especially during Fleet Week).
  Duration: 2.5 hrs  Boat: Manhattan  Cost: Adult $68

An Architectural Tour Around Manhattan

By Marian Betancourt

Photos by Bridget McFall

Most of the curious crowds visiting the repurposed Hudson Yards are on land, strolling along a foundation built over rail yards, but this newly created West Side NYC Architecture Boat Tourneighborhood makes an impressive addition to the Manhattan skyline when viewed from the water. The fittingly named art piece, “Vessel,” a staircase to the endless imagination, sits at center stage in an open space near the waterfront surrounded by new skyscrapers. New York has always been a city in progress and the skyline changes periodically, so it’s a good idea, even for natives, to take a water cruise around the city to get the lay of the land so to speak. 

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