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Five Great Bridges of New York

Classic Harbor Line

Five Great Bridges of New York

Five Great Bridges of New Yorkan archway bridge, spanning across a river

The New York region is an archipelago composed of many islands.  Countless bridges connect them and here are just five that passengers will encounter on our signature AIANY Around Manhattan Boat Tour:

The Verazzano Narrows Bridge

Robert Moses challenged project engineer O.H. Ammann and architect Aymar Embury to make this bridge the tallest, longest, and widest to date.  Completed in 1964 with a span of 4,260 feet, the Verazzano surpassed the Golden Gate by 6o feet.

The Brooklyn Bridge

When the East River froze over, the NYC Commissioners looked to make this the first “Great Bridge,” as author Robert McCollough calls it.  While John Roebling never saw it completed, his son, Washington Roebling, along with his wife Emily, brought the project to completion in 1883.

The Hell Gate Bridge

Currently celebrating its centennial year, this great single arch bridge was the model for the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia.  Though attributed to the engineer Gustav Lindenthal, the chief designer on the team was, in fact, the bright, young Swiss engineer, O.H. Ammann.

The High Bridge

The oldest bridge you will see on the tour (completed in 1848), the handsome multi -arched span bridge never carried vehicles.  Instead, the bridge carried much needed fresh water from the Croton Reservoir through the heart of Manhattan.  Today, it carries pedestrians and bicyclists to comprise a sort of High Bridge “high line.” 

The Spuyten Dyvil Railroad Bridge

While the many operable bridges of New York seldom move, there is a real chance you will witness the Spuyten Dyvil Bridge rotate to allow our Classic Harbor Line boats passage through.  This bridge is a center pivot truss-type, seen frequently over the length of the Harlem River.  And just what does Spuyten Dyvil mean anyway?

To find out, and for more in-depth insights and many additional bridges, please join us on the the Architecture, Bridges, and Infrastructure tour offered by Classic Harbor Line and the New York Chapter of The American Institute of Architects.  See the full calendar of tours here.

And for more in-depth insights on many additional bridges, please join us for another tour offered by Classic Harbor Line and the New York Chapter of The American Institute of Architects – our Architecture, Bridges and Infrastructure tour.

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