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Organic Wine Tasting

Classic Harbor Line

Organic Wine Tasting

Natural, Organic, Sustainable and Biodynamic Wines and Cheese aboard the motor yacht ManhattanNYC Private Wine Tasting | Classic Harbor Line

The next three NYC wine tastings aboard the yacht Manhattan feature very this wildly popular style of wine.  More than one will also be natural wines. Cheeses featured will be either locally produced or from organic farms.

 Just what is natural wine?

Natural Winemakers/Vintners

Most of them have to compromise at some point. Where and why they make that compromise depends on what they are trying to achieve and how much they are prepared to risk in order to achieve it.

So we need to be clear exactly what we mean by natural wine, but, there are no strict laws governing their production.

 A natural wine is a wine made:

  • -in small quantities
  • -by an independent producer
  • -on low-yielding vineyards
  • -from handpicked, organically grown grapes
  • -without added sugars or foreign yeasts
  • -without adjustments for acidity

Most are unfiltered and may be a bit cloudy or contain sediment. Once open they may change and evolve faster than wines containing additional sulfur or additives. All are beautiful, natural, true expressions of the individual vineyards. The belief that wine is created in the vineyard, not the cellar is the backbone of this movement

Wines featured will be from importers specializing in wines created with minimal intervention including Louis Dressner, Rosenthal Wine Merchants and Fifi Imports.

Cheeses will be selected to pair perfectly with each wine. Breads, nuts and dried fruit will also be served to complement our pairings.

Join us for the NYC Wine Tastings on April 22nd, May 12th or May 13th to discover just what makes these wines all the rage in the NYC wine scene.

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A Note about the Author:

Wendy Crispell Over the years she has been an award-winning cocktail specialist, food and beverage manager, chef, restaurant owner, food and wine consultant, contributing NYC Wine Tasting Wendy Crispell writer to wine publications, wine and cheese educator and a designer of unique corporate wine events/outings. Learn more about Wendy on her Sassy Sips NYC blog. 




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